What NAUT can offer you

Anything outside your core business NAUT can handle, so you can focus on your own priorities.

Our business stands on three pillars:

Retail services

Logistics and warehousing

Full e-commerce solutions


orders shipped per year

18000 m²

of warehouse space

Sustainability is an intrinsic part of NAUT


people in the field each day

NAUT brings custom, comprehensive solutions to e-commerce, ranging from design and development to logistics. We specialize in optimal, personalized solutions for corporations looking to integrate their global systems into local markets in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Our solutions have long incorporated sustainable development, what NAUT is accustomed to providing. We are also able to carry out penetration testing and work within IS/IT security standards.

  • Solution design and project management
  • Development
  • Operations and reporting
  • ERP
  • Fulfillment (warehousing and logistics)
500 000 - orders shipped per year
500 000

orders shipped per year

2 000 - transactions per hour capacity
2 000

transactions per hour capacity

99,5% - service availability

service availability

Quality people are the most critical factor for providing comprehensive and yet accurate coverage in retail services. NAUT attracts and retains passionate talent, working closely with your field teams for you and us to be together strong ambassadors for your brands and drive product sales.

  • Building and managing sales structures
  • Merchandising
  • Collecting data
  • POSM management TOOL
16 300 - operations covered
16 300

operations covered

700 000 - visits per year
700 000

visits per year

1 200 - people in the field each day
1 200

people in the field each day

1 500 000 - reports processed
1 500 000

reports processed

Regardless of the category or type of product you are marketing or selling, raising the issue of outsourcing your warehousing and logistics is always a good idea. NAUT reaches out to you with a custom service, tailored to guarantee efficient processes, minimize costs and manage your seasonal peaks. The effectiveness of your business and its positive impact on people and the planet are both important to us.

  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Packaging and completion
  • Stock management TOOL
2 030 - to be carbon neutral
2 030

to be carbon neutral

18 000 m² - of warehouse space
18 000 m²

of warehouse space

500 000 - orders shipped each year
500 000

orders shipped each year

Exceptional customers deserve exceptional solutions.
Insight and absolute attention to detail

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Petr Nejedlý


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Michaela Zdeňková

Retail services director CZ

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Igor Biro

Managing director SK

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Milan Mašek

Logistics & warehouse director CZ / sales

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Michal Novotný

Logistics & warehouse director CZ / operation

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Michal Kopáček


Pavol Kohár

Business Development Manager SK

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Attila Ádám

Operation manager HU

Lubomír Zita

Field Manager CZ

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Tomáš Repka

Logistics & warehouse manager SK

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Marián Chmelina

Retail services manager SK

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