Warehousing and Logistics

Regardless of the category or type of product you are marketing or selling, raising the issue of outsourcing your warehousing and logistics is always a good idea. NAUT reaches out to you with a custom service, tailored to guarantee efficient processes, minimizing of costs and management of seasonal peaks. Your business’s efficiency and its positive impact on people and the planet are important to us.


to be carbon neutral

18000  m²

of warehouse space

584 000

orders shipped each year

Warehousing and Logistics


We at NAUT understand that your supply chain is constantly changing and take pride in our flexibility to consider the factors causing these changes. Our warehouse facilities can store different types of products alongside atypical materials. All NAUT warehouses meet requirements for Type A food storage facilities.

  • Logistics centers in Prague, Piešťany and Budapest
  • Short and long-term warehousing
  • Merchandise, POS and atypical material warehousing solutions
  • WMS – warehouse management and administration
  • Systems and CRMs integration (SAP, SF, ...)


Experienced project and distribution teams are dedicated to meeting each customer’s specifications and responsible for delivering services in the best way that respects quality, time and cost.

  • B2B and B2C logistics throughout the EU
  • Pallet and parcel shipments, distribution of merchandise
  • Direct and same day delivery
  • Handling of complaints and second choice option
  • ADR, 18+, COD, ECT

Packaging and Completion

  • Completing of shipments (packing, packages and multipacks) 
  • B2B & B2C fulfillment
  • GO GREEN – environmentally-friendly disposal of packing materials
  • Managing of returns and complaints
  • Generating and pasting EAN codes, labeling

Stock Management Tool

  • Applications for clients to manage merchandise, POS and POP material flows
  • ONLINE warehouse stock visibility
  • Entering orders

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